Fashion Trends for 2018

There are many new fashion trends for 2018. Some of what is hitting the market is slightly recycled ideas, but this year is all about freshness. 2018 is the year for getting out there and being the best version of one’s self. And fashion this year is a reflection of that.



Wide brimmed hats are becoming a staple. It has become very hipster to wear these hats. A person should not just choose randomly though. The floppy hats are out. Those do not have the same sharpness as brims that are crisp and sharp. Also, try to add in some stripes to maximize the straight line aesthetic.


Patriotic Get-up’s


The USA has their signature colors. So to look like you are wearing the flag is actually in right now. It’s all about the stripes and stars for Spring 2018. The more you pull off this look, the more in style you will be.




What are these again? These oversized raincoats might seem a little 90’s. But, they are fresh for 2018. You can virtually do any old anorak and it will be in style again. Even if you look like you pulled it out from a 90’s time warp. Add in some fabric ones to your collection and you will be fully immersed.


Haute Denim


It might be strange to some, but jeans are getting a makeover. If you know how to jazz up your jeans, then start doing so. But don’t do the pockets, like what was popular a decade ago. Now you will want to do the entire side of the jeans in the most prominent places. So, if you feel like embroidering your jeans, this is the season to do it. Others will buy designer jeans that look like they could go to prom. Jeans this year are fancy attire.


Bright Hues


Color has come back in in a big way. No one will be wearing black and white in the spring. Instead, a person will hit the town in the brightest garbs possible. People will literally look like Easter Sunday.


Fanny Packs


These are convenient packages. And now, they are mainstream fashion. One might thank the hipsters for this. They have started taking the 80’s back with a vengeance. It’s too bad no one kept their fannies from the 80’s. It just means more spending on a very niche market item to look like one is with the times.


See Through Fabric


This trend was popular a while ago. And then people started to view it as a little tacky. Now though, hopefully, you kept your transparent items. You will see the designers coming out with as many transparent pieces as they can. And you will want to own a transparent skirt if you want that sexy look. While the transparent fabric isn’t office wear, people might definitely be able to pull off a transparent top that is appropriately layered. However, one might want to veer on the side of caution and save the statement pieces for their spare time.

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